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Light Weight

The laminated structure comprising of light aluminium sheets and foamed polyethylene resin has low specific gravity/density providing a weight of 2.0kg per m2, which reduces work load by simplifying the process and operation.

Durable, Flat & Rigid

The aluminium sheet surface is processed by using ultra-weatherable resin coatings which provide special durability and weatherability along  corrosion, stain and wear resistance. The layers of aluminium and resin help to maintain a long lasting flatness and avoiding bending and distortion.

Weather Resistant

The core is made of foamed polyethylene providing

excellent water resistance.


The high quality polyester resin coating provides excellent print characteristics making it perfect for Digital and Screen Printing.

Dimensionally Stable

Due to the aluminium layers on each side, the coefficient of expansion is about the same as aluminium. Dimensionally, the stability with regard to temperature fluctuations is excellent.

Folding & Fabricating

The high quality aluminium skin allows for the panel to be easily folded and can be fabricated in many different ways.

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