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Weld-On® 16 Cement is a clear and thick cement for industrial grade acrylic. Use on irregular edges, especially when high-strength (not bubble-free) joints are required. Good outdoor weatherability. Weld-On® 16 is especially formulated to bond acrylic plastic. It can also be used for bonding styrene, butyrate, PVC and polycarbonate, as well as other plastics and porous surfaces.

Weld-On® 16 is recommended as an excellent general purpose, high strength acrylic cement. It is especially useful where fast cure and high strength are desired for applications such as large housings, signs, plastic letters, industrial fabrications, display items, lenses and models.
Weld-On® 16 is a very high strength, clear, medium bodied, fast curing, bodied solvent-type acrylic cement. Applied to cast, molded or extruded acrylics, it will effect initial bonds within minutes and form strong joints within hours.This product may be thinned with Weld-On® 3 by approximately 10%. Initial bond forms very quickly so some parts may be handled within a few minutes of application. Bond strength continues to develop very rapidly reaching a substantial level within hours. Joints are water and weather resistant and will generally have similar physical and chemical properties to acrylic plastic.


  Directions For Use

• Parts to be joined should be clean and fit without forcing.
• Apply Weld-On® 16 to one or both surfaces with brush, polyethylene squeeze bottle or gun.
• If cement is applied to one surface, bring the two surfaces in gentle contact for several seconds to
allow the dry surfaces to be softened.
• Assemble with firm pressure while parts are still wet.
• Hold or clamp assembled parts firmly until initial set. Joint strength will increase greatly in 24 hours.
Thereafter, strength will continue to increase gradually for some weeks.


Shelf Life

Two years expectancy in tightly sealed containers. Stability of the product is limited by the permanence of the container and the evaporation of the solvent when container is open. Evaporation of solvent will cause the cement to thicken and reduce the effectiveness of the cement.

Weld-On 16 Acrylic Adhesive

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