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Ritetack is a new construction adhesive with excellent INSTANT grab capabilities. Yes that's
INSTANT, not fast, not quick but instant!
Ritetack adhesive offers an initial grab of up to 1,000KGS per square metre horizontally and
200KGS per square metre vertically, delivering huge benefits to users in the construction and
fabrication industries.
Ritetack construction adhesive eliminates and need for clamping or unsightly fixings in most cases,
reduces labour costs and requirements with no waiting time while holding.
Features are as follows:

  •  Totally FREE of solvents, PVC, Isocyanates & silicone
  •  Retains its elasticity, is perfect for construction, metal fabrication & automotive bodywork as it can absorb vibrations
  •  Adheres almost to anything, Stone, timber, metal, aluminum, mirror, plaster, glass, plastic...
  •  Paintable and odourless
  •  Totally UV, weather, moisture and mould resistant

RiteTack - Instant Grab Adhesive

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